Maternity & Baby Expo Exhibition

Published: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

You can imagine how busy it is to join a big event like Indonesia Maternity Baby & Kids Expo 2011. We do know how important to participate in such big annual exhibition, where we can meet our customers and show off our best products to increase sales opportunities and build a larger customer base and improve customer relationships.

Joining an exhibition means a lot for producers or sellers, because it’s a good opportunity to launch our new products and concepts. Sellers and resellers will build network with other vendors and finally capture a bigger opportunity to develop their business as well. Interacting with thousands of consumers brings us a great excitement too, for it’s a kind of rare occasion which can only be seen once a year.

This year’s exhibition is so special for us, MaRsS Collection. We have to prepare anything for the exhibition, and at the same time we must handle our wedding preparation. We are completely happy to finally tie the knot, but the business isn’t as easy as we thought of before. Our wedding ceremony is also held on November. Can’t you imagine how crowded it is?

An exhibition for us is more than a special occasion to display our products and to just meet visitors or consumers. We have to make it memorable, and it should be meaningful for everyone coming to our exhibition booth. We need a concept which is applicable, and thus it’s not as simple as we ever thought. Fortunately, so far we’re satisfied with all we have done. Both exhibition and our wedding preparation are under control.

It can be said we’d like to share our happiness. Business is something fun, and we will be happy to have a business with you. The spirit of our wedding may also take some roles in it; we provide discounts up to 50%! You can go to the homepage of our and check the discount offers on the slides.