MaRsS Collection Site Launch

Published: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

We’re highly spirited to capture a new business opportunity which is related to things we love, and this time we come up with ideas of selling baby products. Not many love babies like we do, and it’s possible to conclude this business isn’t for everyone. We are one of the best baby products sellers whom you can lay your trust. We love babies, making us know what best products are for babies and what best things are that moms should know about babies and pregnancies. We won’t only offer comfort for babies, but also offer joy and easiness for moms through our products.

We do know how big your love to your baby is. That leads us to create comfortable products which won’t only be simple, because simplicity isn’t enough sometimes. You’re a great mom, who wants to be in parallel with the newest style and trend to look eye-catching and sophisticated. We do understand what’s in your mind.

We joined the Maternity, Baby and Kids Expo 2011 to show all visitors our existence and let you experience the quality of our products. Add to that, we give you some proofs that we are real, coming with real shop, not only an online shop which you can visit virtually. However, that’s never enough.

Therefore, this website is designed and then launched. We’re even so excited in making this website, following the process from the very beginning to the final touch. We do collecting materials and go to the Urban Vibes office to discuss the making of the website, the promotion material, and the updates within one and half month only.

We’re completely, totally satisfied with the results. This website accommodates what we need to serve customers at our best. Welcome to our website and shop all the best things for your little one. This website is dedicated to you, mom!