Terms & Conditions

Returns & Exchange

We guarantee to customers that we stand behind our products and we are proud of the quality of the craftsmanship of every item we produce. We, therefore, ask you to return all defective products for our evaluation. This is what we can do to give customers the best quality assurance.

All defective products returned for warranty service will be replaced at our discretion. Customers should pay extra attention to our warranty which does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, normal wear and tear or the natural breakdown of materials.

Please notify us by calling +6281515332277 / +6281515332299 (Indonesia) and +8615989166912 / +8613286838874 (China), if an item you buy is damaged or faulty with proof of purchase details.

We will gladly exchange products under the following conditions:

1. The goods suffer from a manufacturing defect per our warranty conditions

2. If the shipment sent to you is the wrong product.

We will pay for the return freight, on receipt and evaluation of the goods. Customer should include a written documentation as to what is wrong with the goods. Exchanging items for other reasons is possible, but customer will be required to pay the freight. If customers receive the incorrect product, please notify us immediately for exchange with its original packaging along with the receipt.

Please contact us on +6281515332277 / +6281515332299 (Indonesia) and +8615989166912 / +8613286838874 (China) before returning any product. Our address will be advised to customers then.


Our products have been made from the best quality materials. As our material sometimes come with inconsistency of color and texture, it should be called normal, not a fault, particularly for our leather materials. Especially for our leather bags, we designed such bags to fade and soften with time. Please take care when wearing light colored items of clothing with your bag. Storing such bags needs your special attention as well.

Delivery & Freight

We deliver the Marss Collection bag of your choice. If the item you choose is already out of stock in your country of purchase, we may be able to offer you to the same item stocked in our stores in other country. However, you will pay for different shipping price. We will be ready to contact you within 2 business days via email to inform the shipping costs, and we will directly ship the product when your confirmation has been booked.